Our leadership and administrative team have gained a much deeper understanding of teacher clarity and the formative process through leadership training on classroom walkthroughs and specific feedback to students.  With a strong focus on teacher clarity, self-regulated learning and specific feedback in communication arts from Dr. Bloomberg, we saw large percentile gains in our proficient and advanced students on state testing.  Impact teams were developed at one of our elementary schools and we saw gains in this already high performing school.  We are looking forward to taking impact teams and the formative process to our other schools. Paul's support was instrumental in this process and the success we have seen thus far. We look forward to the student achievement results in the future”

Jennifer Doshier,
Executive Director of Elementary Education, Joplin School District

The Core Collaborative has helped us to systematically plan grade level and department collaborations that has produced deconstruction of standards, development of learning intentions, success criteria, yearlong pacing guides, units of study and research based highly effective instructional strategies. This is the first time I have seen excitement at all levels of the district and we are excited to continue this amazing work.”

Sarah Stevens,
Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Joplin School District

Core Collaborative was very helpful to us in creating training for our unified district focus. Specifically, they helped train our teachers to work towards aligned, standards-based instruction. We greatly appreciate the work and partnership we had with them for our school improvement.”

Jason Cravens,
Director of Secondary Education, Joplin School District.

Paul Bloomberg transformed my thinking on standards based instruction and self-assessment so much so that I invited him to work with my entire staff.  During these professional learning sessions, my staff and I gained a new understanding of the CCLS for reading and the progression of these standards through elementary school.  In addition to this learning, we also focused on teacher clarity and creating success criteria to support students with self-assessment.  Paul supported us in unpacking the standards in order to build success criteria for students in Pre-K thru 1st grade.  To date, the entire staff has made a pedagogical shift that has positively impacted student achievement.  Throughout this process Paul has been extremely flexible and collaborative.”

Deanna Marco,
Principal P.S. 9, NYCDOE

Paul Bloomberg's work with P.S. 45 had an instant and dramatic impact on the way our teachers plan and deliver our math curriculum. Paul Bloomberg worked with our teachers to develop student friendly success criteria aligned to the trajectory of the CCSS in our Math units of study. This process allowed our school to align the standards based content and how it is delivered, in a fashion that students have multiple ways to demonstrate mastery at a high level.”

Christine Chavez,
Principal P.S. 45, NYCDOE

As a program improvement school, our teachers have had many consultants come and go, but none have come even close to having the impact Paul Bloomberg had. He brings enthusiasm and a positive energy that is infectious.”

Todd Westfall,
Principal, Calabasas Elementary School. Pajaro Valley Unified School District.

Hall District Elementary students are experiencing academic growth due in part to the focus on consultation, professional learning and partnership with Paul Bloomberg and The Core Collaborative. The role of the teacher has evolved as instruction includes an emphasis on teacher clarity, feedback and student collaborative work. Impact Teams meet weekly to plan lessons and activities, analyze student data, and identify most effective strategies. Students are inspired to take ownership of their learning as they participate in activities where they engage with criteria that is standards driven and work closely with their peers. Kids are having fun and learning at the same time. The role of school administration has also evolved as it leads and facilitates professional development and Impact Teams and provides highly effective instructional feedback to teachers. Hall District Elementary students continue to reap the benefits of our focus and collaboration with Dr. Bloomberg and The Core Collaborative as CELDT AMAO 1 has jumped to 62%, over 80% of students are meeting the benchmark on the district’s CRLP assessment and 2nd through 5th grade students are increasing on the STAR Reading exam.”

Guillermo Ramos,
Principal, Hall District Elementary. Pajaro Valley Unified School District.

We have been working with Paul since fall of 2012 and his support with the transition to the Common Core has been incredibly helpful. He brings a wealth of experience, positive energy and proven systems and strategies that work."

Thomas Hiltz,
Principal, T.S. MacQuiddy Elementary School. Pajaro Valley Unified School District.

I’ve been working for 17 years in special education and special programs, and in doing so I know what it’s like to be a segmented part of the educational process. Working with The Core Collaborative has finally given our district a central focus. The work done by The Core Collaborative consultants has had a profound effect on all aspects of our district. For the first time in 17 years I see all departments speaking a common language, from our special education programs, our English Language Learner programs, even our juvenile detention programs, everyone is speaking the same language. Positive things are happening in the way teachers are approaching their instruction, pedagogy is changing, instructional strategies are changing. It used to be the only place you could get high quality instruction was in the general education setting, with the help of The Core Collaborative consultants, standards based instruction is taking place in the hallways, in the special education department, it’s happening all over our district and it’s something I’ve never seen before. Dr. Paul Bloomberg and The Core Collaborative are the anchors to all of this.”

Mark Barlass,
Executive Director of Student Services and Special Education Administrator, Joplin School District. Joplin, MO.

When you know better--you do better” At East Central BOCES, we have benefited from the understanding that the standards drive the formative process and that learning can happen any time any where.  With The Core Collaborative's direction, we are able to work with every teacher. This is not a fad. This is not about a specific content area. This is about helping students take ownership of their learning and helping teachers to guide the learning process.  We now know better and are doing better thanks to The Core Collaborative!”

Sharon Daxton-Vorce,
Staff Development Coordinator East Central BOCES, Limon CO.

At East Central BOCES we rely on Paul Bloomberg's wealth of knowledge and resources from The Core Collaborative to support us as we guide impact teams.  Many of the districts in our region have unique structures and The Core Collaborative has given us strategies that enable teachers in any situation to be successful.  We have seen a shift from teaching curriculum page by page, to guiding students through the learning process.  With Paul's support, teachers understand the importance of creating clear success criteria and that self and peer assessment are integral parts of the formative process.  Students in the East Central BOCES region are becoming self-directed empowered learners!”

Jodi Church,
Staff Development Coordinator East Central BOCES, Limon CO.

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